Friday, 19 May 2017

Day 12 Ferrara to Abano Terme 62 miles

"Whoever invented the bicycle deserves the thanks of humanity” 
Lord Charles Beresford

Our final morning briefing...

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Today will be mostly flat until we arrive is the spa town of  Abano Terme about 10km southwest of Padua and 40kmVenice.
Abano Terme is famous for its’ hot springs and mud baths.
Last brew stop.
Fabulous fruit...

...and a final cup of tea.
The temperatures soared to 33 degrees on many of the latter days.

Need for a built of extra salt I think!
The humidity was low, a dry heat often accompanied with a breeze.
Cycling at a steady pace was very doable.

We initially followed the River Po...

Further along we cycled along more levees by canals visiting picturesque villages...

...passing through vineyards, orchards and agricultural land.
...with fine churches and bell towers.
David's very fine helmet hair...
One of many coffee stops that day.
Egrets and herons were frequent sights, each marking their territory.
The hills of our destination were now in view, having traversed the very, very flat Po plain.

The name surprised me; felt more akin to a Chinese medieval kung fu movie.

Bit of climbing at the end.
Yet another lovely square at the top of the longest climb of the day.
The birdsong was entrancing.




An indolent cat hugged the shadows.
Sign for snow tyres seemed odd in this glorious warmth.
We liked our Peak Tours tops. Great colours. 

Weird sizing though. I'm usually medium but needed XL.
Time to be heading off down a steep descent on cobbles through a picturesque village.
We couldn't quite fathom how such small villages had such large churches.
Crests of arms were commonplace but there significance unknown to us.

The descent revealed further attractive landscape through a national park.

Shocking, but a third stop for coffee, ice-cream or a 'lemon soda' (bit like bitter lemon).
Finally, we enter Abano Terme, a group of us having congregated a mile before the final ride in together.
Overall, it had been a hard but wondrous ride. Tough climbs, excellent scenery, enchanting villages, towns and cities, brilliant food and utterly brilliant ice-cream!
Lots of congratulatory hugs on arrival.
We'd cycled 722 miles over beautiful terrain.

Bike Armageddon as we commended each other...

...the bikes still needed: pedals off along with the front wheel to be loaded into the vans heading for London and the Midlands.
...over a glass of Prosecco

Sam, Tina and Nigel (Rt on photo & tour leader) were tirelessly supportive.
They worked extremely hard, particularly so on this maiden trip. Our thanks to all of them!